The artist known as FRANKIE FINCH crosses the boundaries of creativity and authenticity with her lifestyle brand composed of music, fashion and art.  A local native of Los Angeles, by way of Toronto, FINCH has been a tastemaker for all things cutting edge.  As her artistry developed and outlook on life shifted, the ethos of what she now stands for has become fully defined.  Her new body of work, “Love” is a collection of songs celebrating community, love and social change.  Over time, her personal experiences with family, spirituality and friendship has influenced the direction of this EP, where themes of determination, sincerity and togetherness are woven with ambient, yet anthemic music. Audiences can expect the release of the new EP to be here by 2020.  Track listing will be as follows:

“We Are”


“I Can”

“Hold On”

As styles and pop culture continue to evolve, FINCH will always remain true to her strong values and beliefs, with the goal of spreading positivity through her music, fashion and art.