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Rihanna, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra know her for her stylish fashion designs. Pharrell knows her as a TV host, and Luciana and Dave Aude know her as a collaborator. You know her, too. You’ve heard her music on the Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club Miami and MTV’s Real World Cancun, and various programming on E!, Style and Bravo. You’ve also seen her perform as an opening act for gold rapper Trina.


Now, it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up to musician-entrepreneur Frankie Finch, a double threat singer-rapper in the vein of her inspiration Blondie, but with the spunk and attitude of Gwen Stefani and the business sense of Jay-Z.
And given her sexy style and drop-dead gorgeous appearance, Frankie Finch will certainly surprise people with her no-holds-barred electro rap music. “I’m not black and I’m not white, and I look the way that I do, so people expect for something cute to come out of my mouth,” she says. “I want to shock people and a lot of songs are driven by my hustle. I’m about my grind, and I think people can relate to that. People are like, ‘Oh, she’s on that new wave.’ I’m always on that new thing.”
To this end, Frankie’s boast-heavy songs “I’m Such A Problem” (whose video was directed by Joseph Labisi [T.I., Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones] and “Let It Go,” both remixed by Chew Fu (Lady Gaga), feature propulsive, club-ready beats with a futuristic vibe that somehow draw inspiration from the past, specifically the 1980s.

It’s no wonder that Frankie’s music radiates with the energy and fun typical of music before her time given her older brother and sister’s infatuation with music from the ‘80s. When Frankie decided to pursue a music career, she wanted to present the same type of musical vibe she grew up studying and mimicking. “Blondie made me sing,” Frankie says, gushing. “I would lay down and put my head right by the speaker. I know every single word of ‘Heart Of Glass’ and my favorite song was ‘Sunday Girl.’ Her voice, I’d never heard anything like it, and when she rapped, I was like, ‘What is that?’”

Growing up in Toronto, she moved with her family to Orange County, California in order to escape the cold weather. Once in Southern California, Frankie’s hustling instincts (she was the one who’d sell the most chocolate bars for school fundraisers) led her to sell her homemade hair accessories to the gift shop in the hotel in which she worked. With a little luck and perseverance, Frankie was soon filling orders for 52 Nordstrom stores nationwide and being featured on nightly news programs. Now, her is a premier destination for cutting edge streetwear and cut-and-sew pieces, and is sold in boutiques throughout the Canada & United States, including H. Lorenzo’s fashion forward location in LA’s Sunset Plaza.

As Frankie’s music and clothing line continue expanding, her good looks, musical knowledge and people skills helped her land hosting gigs and national commercial campaigns for Verizon, Nike, Nokia, JC Penny and others.

Each step has gotten her one step closer to fulfilling her life’s dream to become a world-famous entertainer — and brand. “I’m on a life mission,” she says. “I have to accomplish everything that my heart desires, and I’m playing with the big boys right now.”
Now that she is, get ready for Frankie Finch’s takeover.



3 EP’s Available on ITUNES


Sexy Ass Bitch Bad Girls Club (Miami) Oxygen Network (TV)
I’m Such A Problem Bad Girls Club (Miami) Oxygen Network (TV)
I’m Such A Problem Favorite Child Stars: Where Are They Now? MTV Networks (TV)
I’m Such A Problem Real World Cancun MTV Networks (TV)
U Got It All NIKE 5, 6, 7, 8 Work Out DVD 18 Markets Asia/ Europe
Give It Up Twista Feat. Pharrell Williams (Frankie Finch) Warner Music Group
Yeah Yeah Yeah NCAA College Basketball FOX Sports Network National
U Got It All Laguna Beach MTV Networks (TV)


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